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LU Xiaojun interview

In October 2019, LU received the interview made jointly by us and Sebastien from Weightlifting House. Each week we wil release a LU's answer about a question on weightlifting training. At the end of this question release, a full interview video will be available on LUXIAOJUN Youtube Channel and on this website. Please keep in tune with our updates!

The core strength and accessory exercises in weightlifting 

What are the exercises most liked by LU and Team China weightlifters? Here's the full report made with LU, SHI and the National Team physiotherapists. 

Squat jerk myths and reality

Squat jerk for is a stylish rather than win-game lift technique, but for others, it's the perfection of techniques and strength, the apogee of coordination and mobility, and maybe the faith.... But why LU choosed squat jerk rather than split jerk? What he thinks about the myth of squat jerk? 

SHI talks about himself

Since becoming an international elite weightlifter, SHI has never trained hang/ block works; He likes front squat, never back squats; He likes yelling in important events, and also power cleans to win....... Many first-time released information on the " Super Saiyan" will be published here.

TIAN Tao and leg strength building

TIAN Tao now holds the WR of C&J for 231kg. The 236kg easy clean also makes him probably one of the best "cleaners" of the world. What's his leg strength training routine? 

CHEN Lijun's bodybuilding exercises

CHEN Lijun's physic is impressively well shaped. As a first-class weighlifter, does he do any bodybuilding exercises? Or is this just a genetic gift? 

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